Universal Hide-Away Rear Axle Cover Set

Universal Hide-Away Rear Axle Cover Set
Material Chrome Plated or Stainless Steel
Fits Fits most 10 lug wheels
Size 9-1/2" (H)
Unit & Package Sold by kit, color display box

Complete Set
Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Ring Holes Wheel Type Beauty Ring Only
40080 40090 5 large, 5 small Steel 40085
40081 40091 5 large, 5 small Aluinum 40084
40082 40092 8 w/32mm dia. Pilot (uni-mount) 40072
40083 40093 10 w/32mm dia. Pilot (uni-mount) 40073

*This special design hub cap has no need for nut covers. One piece base with beauty ring pattern for mounting and cap snaps on ring. All lugs are hidden inside cap, no more headache to clean lugs.

Replacement Parts

40089 — Chrome high hat,
40099 — Stainless steel high hat
40076 — L wrench & 4 screws

Part No. & Image Selection
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