Oval Light
Bulb 12V, 32/2 CP
Size 6-1/2" (L) x 2-1/4" (W) x 2-3/8" (H)
Material Sealed polycarbonate lens and housing
Wire Connection Uses standard 3-prong pigtail
3-prong pigtail (80472) included with kits
Unit & Package Sold by each, color display bag

w/ Black Rubber Grommet (80802) Light Only Function Lens Color
80801 80800 Park/Turn/Clearance Amber
80804 80805 Stop/Turn/Tail Red
79855 79854 Back Up Clear
79851 79850 Interior/Decorative Use Only Blue*
79853 79852 Interior/Decorative Use Only Green*
80818 80819 Interior/Decorative Use Only Purple*

* Does not meet DOT specs. Designed for interior or decorative use only.

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