Rectangular Halogen Headlamps
Bulb12V, 55/60 Watt Bulb
MaterialAdvanced multi-surface aluminum reflector design and clear glass lens
Unit & PackageSold by each, color display box

Part No.Retrofit/InterchangeTypeSizeBulbHalo FeaturesAdapter
773906052, 6053, H6054, HP6054Rectangular7.85” x 5.6”H4NoNo
773916052, 6053, H6054, HP6054Rectangular7.85” x 5.6”H4YesNo
773926052, 6053, H6054, HP6054Rectangular7.875" x 5.6"H4NoNo
77400HP4651, H4656Rectangular6.5” x 4.17”H4NoNo
77401HP4651, H4656Rectangular6.5” x 4.17”H4YesNo
77402HP4651, H4656Rectangular6.5" x 4.17"#9007NoYes

**Warning: For 12V 55/60W bulb use only

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