LED Sealed Base

New combination watermelon light inspired by an "Old School" glass lens appearance and combined with modern LED brightness. A truly unique unit that delivers style, brightness and safety, while backed by Grand General's quality reputation that drivers have relied on. The flush mount base allows the unit to be easily mounted on any flat surface, and the stainless steel bezel wraps around to secure the glass lens. Internally, it's powered by 18 high power, water-sealed, SMD's custom made for 3.5" lenses, and wired for stop, tail, and turn signals. Finally, an all in one unit that pays homage to tradition while embracing today's technology.

LED 18 High power SMD LEDs - 12V
Size  3-1/4" Dia x 1/2" H
Material Sealed LED base
Installation Hardwired with three 0.180 bullet plugs
Unit & Package Sold by each, carded for display
DOT *Interior/Decorative function does not meet DOT specs
Patent Pending

Part No.   LED Color 
81850 Amber
81851  Red 
81852  *White 
81853  *Blue 
81854  *Green 
Part No. & Image Selection
Combination of product variants is not available