Chrome One Piece Rear Light Bars with 4″ (6) Round Lights

Chrome One Piece Rear Light Bars with 4″ (6) Round Lights

#78274 Pearl LED Flat - Red/Clear

Material Chrome Plated
Size 94"(L) x 6"(W) x 2-1/4"(D)
Installation Must use Grand General mounting bracket (not included) due to heavy gauge steel and construction.-80140: black steel mounting brackets- 80141: chrome steel mounting brackets

- 80142: black steel 47" L-shape reinforcement support bar

Set contains - Light bar- 6 pcs. 4" round red lights- Completed wire connection
Unit & Package Sold by set, boxed

Incandescent High Count LED Pearl LED
Grommet Cover Option Red/Red Red/Red Red/Red Red/Clear
Grommet Only 80120 81033 91750 91754
Stainless Steel Grommet Cover w/o Visor 81030 81034 91751 91755
Cr. Plastic Grommet Cover with Visor 81032 81036 91753 91757
Cr. Plastic Grommet Cover w/o Visor 81031 81035 91752 91756

Chrome Plated Light Bar Only: 80121
Stainless Steel Light Bar Options Available.
*Disclaimer: Warranty will be invalidated if 1) mounting Grand General one piece light bars without Grand General mounting brackets #80140, 80141 or 80142, not included. Must purchase separately according to user preference. 2) drilling holes 3) making any modification to the light bar.

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