4 LED Step Light
LED 4 LEDs - 12V
Size 2-1/4" (L) x 3/4" (W) x 5/8" (H)
Features Ideal for steps, dash board, stainless trim pieces and interior ambience lighting
Material Chrome plastic housing
Installation Hardwired with 2 wires
Unit & Package Sold by each, carded for display

Part No. LED Color
77100 Amber
77104 Red
77105 White
77101 Blue
77102 Green
77103 Purple
77106 Magic 7 (Automatically changes into 7 different color combinations: green, red, blue, green/red, blue/red, green/blue and blue/green/red)

Does not meet DOT specs. Designed for interior or decorative use only.

Part No. & Image Selection
Combination of product variants is not available