Stick-On Conspicuity Reflector Strip

Stick-On Conspicuity Reflector Strip
Size 12" or 8" (L) x 1.10" (W)
Features A simple and easy add-on solution to instantly improve your visibility to other motorists day or night
Meets FMVSS 108 requirements for conspicuity DOT-C reflector. High performance foam tape adhesive. Will not come off due to pressure washing or automatic truck washes. Hermetically sealed and tested to ensure long-term performance.
Brighter than other conspicuity systems. Higher standard photometrics provide 1500 candle-power. Lasts longer. Molded reflector does not fade like tape. Narrow width. Just 1/10" wide to fit between rivet patterns. Wide angle reflectance. Reflects beyond 45 degrees for visibility while turning or in angular cross traffic.
Material Acrylic
Installation Adhesive backing
Mounts on clean flat surface
Unit & Package Sold by each, color display bag

12" Long 8" Long Description
93422 93432 Red
93421 93431 White
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